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Cybercriminals like to refer to higher net worth consumers as Candy Stores, a mocking reference to the enormous choice of tasty tidbits and targets they can enjoy once they get past the defenses of these targets.

When targeting the affluent, cybercriminals and identity thieves are certainly after money, accounts, and credit. But they’re also after much more. Business and personal data, social and business connections, the opportunity to leapfrog into other victims and groups, tax and financial information, confidential business records, negotiations, and discussions, and a backdoor into businesses.

Brett and Neal have created a compelling presentation specifically designed for the needs of this audience.

Topics covered will include:

  • The current state of cybercrime and identity theft, who the players are, and who they’re targeting.
  • Why account takeovers and BEC attacks are more costly than identity theft.
  • How Covid and a recession are making things much easier for cybercrooks.
  • Why target affluent and HNW consumers and what tools and tricks the crooks are using.
  • A personal tour of the Dark Web with the criminal mastermind who helped create it.
  • The simple things you can to do thwart the most determined attacks, and the tools the experts use to keep their most sensitive information private.


About The Presentation

The presentation is delivered entirely online using video conferencing, and runs for approximately 60 minutes with an additional 30 minutes for Q&A. The presentation will be recorded and branded with your logo and contact information so that it can continue to help engage, educate, and protect long after the event.


A Rare Treat

Sure, another golf outing, spa treatment, or expensive dinner might be appreciated by your clients. But a presentation from the Hact! team offers your clients an unforgettable experience that will help them protect themselves, their family, and their businesses for years. Not to mention the stories they’ll be able to share about coming face-to-face with one of the nation’s most notorious former cybercrooks. Use the presentation for your existing clients only, or to attract and engage new clients. 


TSFBookCoverFlatA Bonus

As a treat and a bonus, your clients will also receive a free copy of Neal’s book “Think Security First! – Protecting Your Identity in an Age of Cybercrime.” The more than 250-pages covers dozens of key security and privacy topics and in the straight-talking no-nonsense style Neal is famous for.

The book is in PDF format and can be branded and customized to include your firm’s logo, welcome message, and contact information. Use it as a thank-you, as an incentive, and as a way to reach out to new clients. Click here to download a complete branded version.


Media Outreach

Brett and Neal will work with you prior to your event to help maximize media outreach, including providing media interviews and making samples of their video discussions available. Neal’s book can also be used as a marketing and media tool, and to encouragement engagement and enrollment.